Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Entourage 2004 & MS Exchange 2003

For the longest time, Entourage would constantly synchronize and never finish updating it's folders. Entourage would then randomly fail during a synchronization and persistently ask for the users' password. After many trial and error's of deleting the profile on the Exchange server, researching synchronization issues (related to Chinese character sets or a missing update, or even a possible Exchange server setting), we discovered the issue was because Entourage would not display ALL of the Deleted Items. There were two 150MB-size e-mail's in the users' Deleted Items folder that would display in Outlook on a Windows machine, but not in Entourage or in Outlook Web Access. After emptying the users' Deleted Items folder from Outlook, we fired up Entourage and it (finally) completed synchronization without error. Whether it was an Exchange or Entourage issue, who knows. All I know is to never trust anything written by Microsoft, be it on a PC or a Mac.